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Economic Policy during the Eurocrisis: evidence-based Policy Analysis of the EMU

Lecture and Tutorial

Over the past decade the European Union has faced a series of economic crises connected to debt in the private and public sectors. Specific policy measures have been applied to the Eurozone economies with varied success. The policy prescriptions, rules and institutional organization of the European Monetary Union (EMU) have themselves become a focus for constant debate.  

Taking the theoretical and institutional framework of the EMU as its basis, this course will focus on two research questions: to what extent does the theoretical and institutional framework of the EMU explain its strengths and weaknesses? And, what effects fo interventions in the EMU's fiscal and monetary framework have on key macroeconomic variables? The overall aim will be to understand how prescribed policy measures have affected the Eurozone economies. 


You can find a detailed description of the course in the module manual. 


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