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The Walter Eucken Institut is a center of excellence for research in constitutional economics and ordoliberal thinking in the tradition of the Freiburg School. Questions about the constitutional foundation and the maintenance and development of a market order are at the core of our research agenda. The institute aims to bring new economic ideas and ordoliberal thinking into debates in academia, and the public, private and non-profit sectors.


Through the systematical connection of the Freiburg School with the evolutionary ordoliberalism of Friedrich A. von Hayek and the modern constitutional economics of James Buchanan, the Walter Eucken Institut offers solutions for current day-to-day political issues and for the sustainable design of the social market economy. The modern constitutional economic should not be understood as purely national solution for Germany, but rather provide valuable contributions in the European and international field to the new institutional economics, to the economic theory of politics and to an empirically founded financial economics.


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