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Final Theses

Our chair supervises the preparation of final theses in the field of Economic Policy, Constitutional Economics as well as in selected fields of Finance and New Political Economy.

Final approval of your topic is subject to review by Professor Feld and his team.

Please submit requests or questions regarding the supervision of a final thesis to Patrick Hirsch ( or Katharina Pfeil ( For questions regarding examination and administrative formalities, please contact the Examination Office.

You must include the following certification at the end of your thesis“I certify that the thesis at hand was made without unauthorized help and that I only used the tools denoted. All statements literally or logically taken from publications are marked as quotes.” (Signature) 


For your reference on formatting and layout, here is a guide with tips for writing your thesis.

Here is also a guide with basic information about the supervision of the final theses.

A prerequisite for acceptance is proficiency in academic English.