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Seminar: Topics in Behavioral Economics

Course Description
Behavioral economics – the application of insights from psychology to economics –  has fundamentally changed our perspective on the decision-making of economic agents. This seminar complements the lecture “Behavioral Economics” (WS 2017/18) by discussing related topics that fall into two categories: First, an exploration of the emergent subfield of behavioral finance (1-5). And second, a discussion of the ways in which behavioral economics can help us understand the choices made in political contexts (6-10).

Who can participate?
This seminar is aimed at Masters students.

Attendance is limited to 10 students.
Participation is determined by order of application.
If you are interested, please send an email to Daniel Nientiedt (
Please remember to state your area of study and your registration number (Matrikelnummer).

Organizational meeting  October 16, 2017, 10:00, Walter Eucken Institut
Topics are assigned by  October 27, 2017
Deadline project paper  January 28, 2018
Block seminar    February 9-10, 2018, Walter Eucken Institut

Requirements and credit Points
Masters students can obtain 6 credit points if they successfully complete the following assignments: Project paper, presentation, participation in the discussion, oral exam.

Areas of study
• Master BWL-PM: Wahlpflichtbereich Public Sector Economics 
• Master VWL (PO 2011): Wahlpflichtmodul Volkswirtschaftspolitik 
• Master VWL (PO 2014): Spezialisierungsbereich Constitutional Economics and Competition Policy

Here you find further Information and an overview about the available topics.