Sie sind hier: Startseite Lehre Wintersemester 2017/2018 Lecture: Behavioral Economics

Lecture: Behavioral Economics

Lecture: Tuesday, 12:00 - 14:00h 

Course language: English (4 ECTS)

Who can participate?
This lecture is aimed at Masters students.

Summary: The assumptions relating to the Homo Oeconomicus (rational, self-interested) have dominated economic research since the neoclassical revolution. Behavioral economics shows that individuals often do not act as assumed by the model. It explicitly takes into account human emotions, fairness perceptions, social identity, and other determinants of behavior and attempts to model systematic deviations from standard economic theory. We will discuss the methods used by behavioral economists, study deviations from standard economic theory and how the findings can be included in revised models of human behavior. Finally, we will discuss the implications of behavioral economics findings for policy makers.

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